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About Eltech K-Laser


ELTECH K-LASER srl is the manufacturer of K-Laser products and owner of the K-Laser brand name.

ELTECH K-LASER Headquarters are located in Treviso, near Venice in Italy.

Made in Italy

Our lasers are designed and manufactured in Italy from components originating from Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

Manufacturing our products in Italy insures high quality at every stage of the production. Our employees are the highest skilled there is, this is the reason why we can offer such amazing warranty on our devices.

What makes K-Laser unique

Research & development with hospitals and universities

Constant update of software and treatment protocols

Unmatched quality and dependability

Portability of our devices

Outstanding range of applications and return on investment



Practitioners invest in K-Laser as they are looking for the ultimate tool they can depend on every day, years after years. They never look back.


We put a lot of thoughts in our designs and inventions. We focus on the smallest details as machines have to be exceptional.


Our lasers utilise the latest technology available today, most of which we invent. We develop our technology so it perfectly integrates your needs and working environment.

Mr Francesco ZANATA | Founder Of K-Laser

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