K-Laser For Equine Veterinary

The all-in-one laser

Pain & Inflammation
Tendons &
Wound & Lacerations

Very large range of application means the K-Laser can help nearly every horse.

Dr Anita - K-Laser Treatment Horse

The key to improve outcomes

A K-Laser in your activity will bring you:

  • A treatment option to restart the healing process of indolent wounds
  • A prevention on leg wounds to improve healing time and the quality of scar tissue
  • Improved blood flow and decreased inflammation levels on specific areas for athlete horses (before event, post exercise, or maintenance)
  • Additional therapy for ligament and tendon injuries
  • A better control on arthritic joints pain and inflammation
  • A decrease of oedemas and muscle spasms

Typical K-laser patients are:

  • Performance horses: Neck and back pain, hamstrings, kissing spin
  • Sports horses: tendonitis, desmitis, suspensory, bursitis, sprains, strains
  • Leisure horses: Arthritic joints
  • Traumas: Leg wound, non-healing wounds, lacerations, hematomas
  • Neuro cases: radial nerve injuries

K-Laser Equine Applications

K-Laser Horse Back Treatment
Pain & Inflammation

Additional option for better mobility. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

  • Osteoarthritis / DJD
  • Kissing spine
  • Sacroiliac joint
  • Acupuncture & trigger points

K-Laser Horse Tendon Treatment
Tendons & Ligaments

Decrease edema and inflammation to reduce the recovery period.

  • Suspensory Injuries
  • Radial nerve paralysis
  • Tendinitis & tenosynovitis
  • Bursitis

Strains & Sprains

K-Laser Wound case - Crown Equine
Wounds & Lacerations

Higher tissue oxygenation and growth factors for faster and better quality healing.

  • Traumatic wounds
  • Chronic wounds / indolent ulcers
  • Large hematoma / bruises

K-Laser at Lipica
Athlete Horse

Better muscles recovery

  • Hamstring muscles
  • Back & neck muscle pain

Performance close to events

  • Improved blood flow on specific area
  • Non-invasive pain relief on previous injury

K-Laser Equine Clinical Expectations

Dr Rachel SALZ

Randwick Equine Centre is a large referral centre based in Sydney. Dr Rachel is specialised in equine rehabilitation.

“ The K-Laser has been a great additional treatment option for use in our performance horses. It is proving incredibly useful to help keep them in peak condition by managing daily problems such as back and neck pain. It is also a fantastic tool to aid in the rehabilitation of tendon and ligament injuries.”

Wound Healing - Crown Equine - 25 OCT 2019

Dr Annabelle TRAINOR

2 years old filly. Non-healing discharging wound

  • Picture on the left:

Wound 6 months after initial trauma non-healing

  • Picture on right:

3 weeks later after K-Laser therapy twice per week, the wound heals significantly.


Department of equine surgery

Veterinary Faculty Nantes France

The therapeutic laser was very quickly integrated into my therapeutic care in the management of osteoarthritic horses in any area but also in taking care of muscle contractures especially in the back and cervical of athlete horses. The indications that we would really wish to develop in the future is the care of tendonitis thanks to this therapy. And the care of horses with Exertional Myopathies.

Example Of Applications

Equine back pain case


Nikki PAGAN From Aquagait Equine Centre
AquaGait Logo

We have seen some amazing results on soft tissue and orthopaedic injuries. Our clients are liking this extra service we are offering and find that it fits perfectly into the business.

Pricing Options

K-Laser Cube 4 VET


4 Wavelengths
660nm, 800nm, 905nm, 970nm
Average Power
Peak Power
Cooling System
2 years
K-Laser Performance VET


4 Wavelengths
660nm, 800nm, 905nm, 970nm
Average Power
Peak Power
Cooling System
4 years
Fast Interface
New Optical Zoom PLUS
Reinforced Fibre PLUS
Homogeneous Beam Profile (HBP)

All prices are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice.

Why K-Laser?

The K-Laser Cube for Veterinary has been designed to be easy to travel with and extremely efficient on horses (high power Class IV but still light and portable).

Its high average and peak power, the multi-wavelengths capabilities, and our ultra-portable Italian technology will ensure full satisfaction for many years.

Moreover is is extremely safe, fast, and easy to use and will give you years of satisfaction.


Intuitive fast and easy color touch screen interface


Ultra-light, designed to be used between several treatment rooms:

1.4Kg including battery


K-Laser units are renowned for their extreme reliability. Many are used for well over 10 years


4 years warranty which is double the industry standard


Any question? We are here for you.

Any service and repair directly with us in NSW


All K-Laser can emit pulsations between

1Hz and 20,000Hz


The K-Laser Performance is the most powerful laser on the market (18W average power, and 20W peak power). It can be used for therapy and surgery.


K-Laser units are able to output several laser wavelengths simultaneously. We only use the highest quality LASER DIODES, no LED.


During treatment the laser cycles through different configurations automatically to optimise energy absorption.

K-Laser Equine VET Interface500

K-Laser Interactive Interface


According to the application the interface guides you in configuring your K-Laser easily and precisely for optimal efficiency.

Easy – Safe – Fast



K-Laser Carry Case



Adult Goggles



ENT Hand-piece



Optic PLUS 40mm






Fibre PLUS



Surgical Hand-piece



Surgical Contact Sapphire Hand-piece



1.5mm Coated Sapphire Chisel



400μm Coated Sapphire Tip



K-Laser Trolley


Pain Management: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How could I learn more about pain management with K-Laser?

Pain management with laser has been one of the K-Laser expertise for nearly 20 years. Our lasers use 4 different wavelengths for a complementary effect. More information could be found on the Laser Therapy page describing our technology.

Is a specific qualification required to use this equipment?

Legally speaking some states require a licence to operate a laser, please contact us about this matter as we provide a complete support to go through the different steps according to your state.

Clinically speaking we train you on safety best practices and to use the K-Laser on the different applications.

We also strongly advise that you go through a Laser Safety course to make sure optimal safety is applied in your practice.

What training do you provide? Is there a cost to it?

We provide a 3-6H training at your practice depending on your staff and requirements.

This training covers safety and clinical usage of the K-Laser for the different applications related to your speciality.

The training is offered (FREE) as it is very important to us that K-Laser practitioners excel in their work with our equipment. Post-training your trainer is always available if needed.

You will also gain access to our private K-Laser Users Group to interact with other K-Laser users, ask questions, and download material.

Do you provide financing options?


Financing is available. It can be done over 2 to 5 years.

How to compare the K-Laser with other lasers on the market?

Lasers are to be compared on their technical specifications :

By reading our laser therapy page you will be able to educate yourself with the basic laser parameters

• The manufacturer and origin of the parts used

The K-Laser factory is located in Treviso near Venice (ITALY), and the parts we use come from Europe and the USA. We exclusively use the highest quality parts available today without any concessions. We are fully aware that K-Laser users primarily look for quality, reliability, performance and efficiency before anything else. This is exactly what we offer.

• Power / size ratio

Portability and reduced footprint is a must nowadays for professionals. At 1.4Kg (including battery) for 15W AVERAGE POWER (and 20W peak power) the K-laser Cube Series is ultra-compact and ultra-powerful.

• The power of a laser

More power means deeper and more efficient treatments but also faster treatments as it is possible to cover a wider area in shorter time. The K-Laser is the most powerful machine on the market (15W AVERAGE POWER and 20W peak power) but it can also output very low power (from 0.1W) if needed for acupuncture points for example.

• The number of simultaneous wavelengths

Wavelengths trigger specific effects. More wavelengths means higher efficiency and more applications due to the action of simultaneous effects that are complementary. The K-laser typically offers 4 simultaneous wavelengths: 660nm, 800nm, 905nm, 970nm.

• The pulsation capabilities

According to applications the pulsations need to be adjusted. A K-Laser can pulsate from 1Hz to 20,000Hz. Most lasers on the market will not go over 4,000Hz.

• Multi-Phase Capability

For pain management multi-phase is a must to increase cell absorption. K-Laser offers up to 12 successive phases. This means that the configuration of the laser will change up to 12 times during the 3-5 minutes treatment.

• LEDs, plastic laser diodes, or real Laser Diode Module?

Some manufacturers use LEDs or plastic laser diodes mounted on the top of the handpiece instead of a Laser diode module installed inside the core of the machine. The reason for this is that LEDs and plastic laser diodes are much cheaper than a quality laser diodes module. The issue is that LEDs do not emit a laser light and plastic laser diodes only offer low power. K-Laser uses exclusively the highest quality and most precise wavelength Laser diodes modules for all wavelengths.

• The warranty

K-Laser offers double the industry standard for your peace of mind: 4 YEARS!

Why practitioners choose K-Laser?

• Unlimited possibilities

The K-Laser offers in a single machine the most of every parameters:

Power, wavelengths, frequencies, output type, multi-phasing, simple and powerful interface, Internet connectivity for software update and usage tracking.

With a K-Laser it is possible to reproduce (and exceed) the parameters of any other laser on the market.

• Product quality and design

Most of K-laser users are concerned about quality and reliability. They want a product that will be performing every day for years. They also need a product that is aesthetically pleasing, light, potable and modern so patients know that they are being offered nothing but the very best!

• Wide variety of applications

More applications mean higher return-on-investment for the practitioner and higher satisfaction for the patients. A K-Laser pays for itself twice faster than any other equipment.

• Ongoing support

Joining the K-laser community also means gaining access to the K-Laser Group where you can obtain ongoing support, meet other K-Laser users and find information and material. If one of your patient has a specific condition you get guidance and support.

• Repair and service in NSW

If anything ever happens to your K-Laser we can fix it.

Your laser does not leave Australia and we can provide you with a loaner unit if it is going to take more than a few days.

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